Sunday, January 27, 2008

Contain it show.

Hey guys sorry i have not posted in a while ive been pretty busy with all that fine art jazz. Here are some pictures from a show i just had in Dunedin, it is the first real show i have had. It was all installation based and i couldn't do anything to the walls, i pretty much had to keep the pod in the same condition as i first saw it. It was a good time and a really good experience. woot woot yeeeea shapes.


kaya said...

LOVED your installation!!! I'm sad we could not keep it for..ever!
Thank you so much!!!
I'll be in touch w/ future projects :-)
good luck!!

kaya said...

Anonymous said...

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lindsaykay said...

love this stuff

feels like the essence of "michael"


Francis Vallejo said...

rockin man, id love to see that painting in person