Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ted Videos- Such good stuff

I remember seeing a video from a few years ago, but, at that time in my life, being pessimistic seemed to be a cooler way of thinking about things, rather than getting engaged in something worth while. I feel like irony and pessimism have grabbed my generation by the balls, and is not letting go with out a fight. Maybe this happens to everyone, or every generation. I'm not really sure yet. But, i do feel that those two states of mind are sucking the creative life force out of a lot of the people i have met. I know that before i took time off from school and was able to look back and see what i have been doing for the past few years, i was very much a negative little bastard, granted, it was punctuated by amazing surges of positive energy and experiences because of what i have been studying, but none the less, negativity remained a current theme in my state of mind.
The people i am talking about all come from generally the same place as i do. Or at least, we have all come to the same place. Which is, a private art school where we learn basically anything we are interested in. With this privilege running parallel along side the accessibility of knowledge due to the internet and other developments in technology, it seems that there isnt enough responsibility being taken by the people who spend hours on end absorbing information from their computers. And really, being on the front line of all these things taking place with learning and the internet and not really knowing what the repercussions will be yet, how are we to know what to do?
I'm really not sure. I think as more people and organizations take it upon themselves to organize the mass amount of information on the net we might be able to make the internet a more useful tool. Rather than just something that is supplementing T.V. and other forms of media in a negative fashion. Before this point, i think it was or would have been valid to say that the power to fully teach ourselves remained somewhat out side of the individuals grasp. But as more and more information becomes accessible and more people are able to gain access to that information, i think that pessimism and irony will hopefully fall from their relevance in our day to day lives. Really, there are just way to many interesting things out there.

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