Wednesday, May 24, 2006

buffalo soldier

this is a page from my sketch book, i think im gona illustrate the song buffalo soldier by bob, so i started with the typical buffalo but im not sure where i could go with it i have some ideas but if u people have any suggestions throw them out


Michael Carpenter said...


neily-o said...

that has to be the shittiest picture I have ever seen.. why don't you illustrate a ... buffalo that is a soldier, fighting for survival?


Sarah said...

neil how is that constructive?

Mike -- were you using reference? it looks a little compacted and while it's just a draft, I think you should think more about the weight and graphic mass of a buffalo as opposed to scrunching it on the edge of the page. I know this is just an idea/sketch but make sure you think of how a buffalo is best portrayed compositionally :)

mclean said...

Dayum, imma go with what she said. But then again, you kinda had that earlier comment coming. It doesn't look like you've actually tried to think up anything interesting for the illo, but rather you have just drawn a buffalo. Its just hard for people to give "feedback" when there's not much to respond to, but the post before me did it well enough.