Tuesday, August 01, 2006

water girl

Here is the start of the master copy of this guy i forgot his name ill post it with the other stuff thought, its coming along its fucking hard trying to get the colors right from a poster but im having fun with it ive done more ill add the other ones soon


neily-o said...

the only thing that confuses me about the painting, is the positioning of her shoulders in relation to her hips. it almost looks as though we are looking up at her face from a worms eye view. or her shoulders are to skinny.. i think you are trying to make it look as though she is twisting.. buy for some reason it doesn't look like that. i think maybe once you add more color and/or finish it, it will look right. anyways, seeyah in a few days baby!

Kyle McCullough said...

Hey Mike liking it a lot so far...colors looking good...finish that shit..I want to see it....see you soon...later skater